​"Coming together is

beginning; keeping together

is progress, working together

is success."


Henry Ford




Vinshek penetrated into Indian market with Audio Visual product lines since 1991. When projectors and video conferencing took berth into Indian market, Vinshek took lead and responsibility to promote these product lines and successfully captured respectable market share. Vinshek was different right from day one as its objective was to market any product line by educating its customers about the technical peculiarities such that once a customer - always a customer. Then came the period of offering intecrate solutions in the field of audio visual Systems, where vinshek spent sizeable number of years in understanding the market, offering intricate AV solutions by integrating worlds’ best products to its corporate and residential customers. So, Vinshek graduated from marketing to integration and learnt in the process the pulse of the AV market and the relative expectations of every dealer / integrator and customer. All these years instilled remarkable and unforgettable experience for Vinshek, making Vinshek more matured, experienced and chiseled for more serious business in store. 



DISTRIBUTION is the Key Word 


Over the last one decade, vinshek is seriously engaged in distributing select international brands of great repute. Brand selection for vinshek is a serious business decision and the basic theory is to represent such brands only which offer great technology product lines with great potential for technological innovation coupled with great market acceptance and proven track record. In nutshell, vinshek does not believe in brand multiplication and is content with few select brands which offer great synergy & futher growth.



INFRASTRUCTURE so vital for its foundation


Vinshek has an experience centre spread over 8000 Square Feet in Ahmedabad (Western India upcoming Industrial City), basically to offer first hand experience to all its dealers and customers to witness “LIVE” all the product lines which vinshek offers to Indian market. This is remarkable platform for vinshek to lay foundation stone for its activities. Fully Automated Home Theatre, Board Room, Meeting Rooms, Music Rooms, Invisible speakers, In wall and In Ceiling Speakers form Sonance, Launchports, iPorts, Elan Touch Panels, Multi room Audio and Video Distribution,  and many more product lines would enable any visitor to witness the world’s best line up live in action. “Seeing is Believing” and basic to the entire marketing effort.



Support is basic to the whole Game


Vinshek has technical support team ready to attend to any complaints from any dealer and provide them with solution and remedy. Vinshek firmly believes that Service is the main crux of the business and its success lies in making flawless service support to the industry and with this vision, it has always equipped its technical support division with all ingredients, enabling them to attend any kind of service related issue, with the ultimate goal of keeping the customer satisfied.  Vinshek Technical Team consists of Programmers, Trainers, Technicians who are ready at any time to provide online / onsite help to their dealers across India, thereby strengthening the network, poised for making win-win situation for all involved.