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Xantech's Advanced IR Technology

Based on years of market leadership in a product category Xantech created, reinvented infra-red (IR) control for audio/video and other systems with the introduction of the 95 and 85 series. A lot has changed in A/V technology since Xantech invented the Dinky Link, making it possible to easily add IR repeater control to flat-screen TV's when they first appeared over a decade ago. Noise rejection, freedom from interference, range and repeater signal accuracy are more critical now than ever before.Through a comprehensive set of technical improvements, Xantech's red (95 series) and green (85 series) lines of IR kits and products are now the single most cost-effective, reliable and complete system control technology for an A/V system today.The 95 and 85 series IR kits from Xantech feature five significant advances in IR control to achieve their remarkable sensitivity, performance and reliability in a wide variety of installation environments. In addition, Xantech IR series kits feature advanced circuitry which passes the native IR carrier and data signals faithfully and reliably to ensure proper control of all A/V components. Xantech is the only manufacturer in the industry building an IR product line around this level of advanced circuit design.

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